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Our goal is to throw Bridges leading to a highly successful future

Vetting & Scrutiny


Once an idea or a project is identified as potentially successful we're examining them, sometimes over years to come...

Weighing Pros & Cons

We try to decide whether or not a Project is worth it to take the risk to expose it to the market and their competitors...

Setting up Companies and let them fly

And finally we're performing the registration of a project as a company in the most appropriate way to secure its success!

All About Us

Incorporated in Switzerland in November 2013, BridgeWard AG was initially a consulting company for medium sized and small corporate clients. 

Over the years our clients brought a lot of valuable ideas and projects to us in order to get some help from BridgeWard to get these projects up and running. And to eventually putting them on the markets letting them take off into an as secured and successful future as possible.

Identifying valuable projects, helping them to grow up and getting them and their products on the international markets, and that in the best way to insure their successful survival, became now our main focus.

  • We do not issue Invoices for Services
  • We acquire Equity and become Partners
  • We have your Back and give you a Hand

Our experience allows us to be confident and stand by our words. Partnership is our way.

Andreas M. Brucker

CEO & Co-Founder of BridgeWard

We Are Equity Partners

BridgeWard AG is invested in different markets as shown on the graphs below.

Our main investment is in the Swiss Watch Industry right now. We're the principal Shareholder of "Giacomo Cortes WC" and "Bernecker Uhrenwerke".


Watch Industry 54%
Interior Design 14%
Aluminum Foam 20%
Classic Cars 10%
Food Industry 2%

Where to find us

Would you like to speak with one of our principals? Just submit your contact details, and we’ll be in touch shortly.




1556 Ocean Ave #10, Bohemia, NY 11716




+1 (516) 581-3278




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